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Pioneering Ethical AI Innovation for Creative Excellence and Beyond

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About Us

What Sets Us Apart?

Winner of the Tech Visionary UK Business Award 2023, our consultancy is dedicated to crafting bespoke AI solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of various sectors. We don’t just provide solutions; we strive to be catalysts for sustainable and impactful change, harnessing the power of AI to chart new paths and unlock unprecedented possibilities.

Our core philosophy is centered on responsible and ethical AI development. We are committed to reshaping the AI landscape with a strong focus on ethical practices, as highlighted by our AI standards contributions.


Industries Responsibly

We actively explore and embrace opportunities where our AI skills can synergistically enhance different sectors. Our goal is to improve businesses AI capabilities, transforming within and outside the creative domain.

Expansive Perspectives,

Focused Expertise

We specialise in developing custom AI solutions for clients. Our suite of services, bolstered by partnerships with leading AI companies, integrates consultancy with tailored, innovative tools to meet clients needs.

Innovative and Practical


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AI Standards Experts

As members of the British and International Standards AI Committees, we expertly guide on ISO 42001 and 8183, with upcoming certification through

'AI Certiya'.

I'm CEO, Matthew Blakemore, an award-winning entrepreneur, AI visionary and strategist, deeply involved in AI standards through the BSI and ISO (ISO/IEC 8183 AI Data Lifecycle sub-editor), I've led digital transformations and developed groundbreaking AI solutions, while nurturing global business leadership through networks like Swedish Chamber of Commerce UK and Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce. 


I am an accomplished public speaker and on the Advisory Group of Innovate UK Bridge AI Program (£100M fund) and support tech innovators through featuring them on my podcast Startup Voice. 

Everyone at AI Caramba! have worked together on AI projects for many years, our skills are highly complementary, whether your business requires assistance in forming an AI strategy, performing cutting edge research and development, forming AI policy, or ensuring you adhere to the latest responsible AI standards, we've got you covered. 

Get to
know the Team

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AI Strategy and Innovation

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We establish collaborations with industry-leading organisations that we trust, ensuring the delivery and sustained provision of innovative services to our clients.

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....... has worked with Matthew on delivering multiple complex AI projects, he is AI lead at our chosen development partner.

To Be Announced


AI & Data Specialist

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Colin was editor of the AI Data Lifecycle ISO Standard. He is an expert in Cyber Security and has complementary AI knowledge.

Colin Crone

Cyber Security Specialist

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Sub-editor of the AI Data Lifecycle ISO Standard. Jeremy specialises in digital technology's impact on business processes.

Jeremy Swinfen Green

AI Governance Specialist 

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Expert in optimising AI solutions by for example mitigating unwanted bias. Leads AI research, & is an AI standards guru. 

Dr. Julian Padget

AI Optimisation Specialist

Data Procurement and Management

Health, Education, and Marketing

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M&E professional for 30+ years’, knowledge of production, content licensing, regulation, editorial & operational environments. 

Brian Drinkwater

Content Licensing Expert

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Leader in the field of visual media and AI, dedicated to creating ethical and legal frameworks for generative AI technologies.

Mark Milstein​

Legal Data Procurement

  • LinkedIn

​Esteemed academic in IP law, specialising in creative sector copyright, implications of gen AI, and legal & ethical governance.

Dr. Hayleigh Bosher

IP Specialist 

  • LinkedIn

Global expert in content ratings & compliance. Ex Disney+ EMEA and proficient in NICAM-Kijkwijzer and ACA, specialist in SVOD, film, & TV

Marlou Wilmink

Compliance Specialist

Staff Wellbeing

AI Courses

Marketing and Creativity


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Medical Doctor and Psychiatry Registrar. Focus on client staff wellbeing during projects, advising on mental health strategies.

Natasha De Agrela

Mental Health Expert

  • LinkedIn

Course contributor on advanced technology, organisational psychology, and ethics, with extensive industry leadership.

Melinda Jacobs

Upskilling Expert

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Filmmaker with projects on BBC Four, Raindance, and collaborations with Dior, Chanel; also a published author.

Lawrence Essex

Visual Storytelling Lead

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A Digital Marketing Consultant and Brand Strategist with a decade of experience, specialising in AI-enhanced marketing.

Zoja Minic

Marketing Specialist

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Matt spotted a market opportunity, he diligently researched it, crafted a strategic vision and pitched it to gain the required investment.


He upskilled the team  on machine learning and  relentlessly project managed the build and delivery of the product until launch.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Matt to draft and file a number of patent applications relating to AI technologies.


Matts unique ability to see the big picture while still paying close attention to the most important details has meant that he was very easy, and impressive, to work with.

Matt is very driven, professional and combines solid analytical abilities with a very strong commercial mind set.


Matt can handle a high pressure client or investor pitch, and when required can carry out detailed analysis of markets, USPs, positioning strategies and routes to market.

Matt impressed me with his innovative vision for defining how the project will transform the org in the long term.


In the short term, Matt showcased a great ability to project manage and frequently challenge both internal and external stakeholders to ensure our project was a joint success.


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Vinay specialises in Visual Recognition, Multi-modal AI, Explainable AI, and Adversarial and Probabilistic Deep Learning.

Dr. Vinay Namboodiri


Multimodal AI Specialist

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 Interdisciplinary expert in risk management, bridging finance, law, and tech, with notable achievements in web3.

Nadia Sergejuk 

Risk Management

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Focused on developing machine learning algorithms that prioritise privacy, fairness, robustness, and generalisability.

Cangxiong Chen

Ai Privacy Specialist

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Expert in aiding firms to innovate with blockchain, cryptographic technology, DeFi, and quantum computing.

Winn Faria

Blockchain & Web 3



Our non-for-profit research institute

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